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This page contains photos of some of the environmental management work we have done.

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Rehabilitation of the Luipaardsvlei Tailings Dam near Kagiso, Gauteng, in order to prevent windblown dust. This project was done in cooperation with ECMP (


Wind-blown dust from a defunct gold mine's tailings dam:

TailingsDamDust.jpg (58324 bytes)

The Tailings Dam before rehabilitation commenced:

LVETails Before Rehab.jpg (186131 bytes)

Creating a storm water containment dam and placing a topsoil layer on the surface of the tailings dam:

LVE01.jpg (121271 bytes)    LVE02.jpg (91258 bytes)    LVE03.jpg (67519 bytes)

LVE04.jpg (52222 bytes)    LVE05.jpg (43456 bytes)

Reshaping and placing a rock layer on the side slopes of the tailings dam (before, during and after completion):

LVE06.jpg (111448 bytes)    LVE07.jpg (47784 bytes)    LVE08.jpg (63274 bytes)

LVE09.jpg (99868 bytes)    LVE10.jpg (49217 bytes)    LVE11.jpg (74937 bytes)    LVE12.jpg (83944 bytes)

A dusty sunset over the West Rand, Gauteng...

 LVE13.jpg (25195 bytes)

Storm water management on the surface of the tailings dam:

LVE14.jpg (107258 bytes)    LVE15.jpg (74525 bytes)    LVE16.jpg (72168 bytes)

Some other pictures:

Monitoring and testing of groundwater:

Borehole_Monitoring01.jpg (93307 bytes)    Borehole_Monitoring02.jpg (85075 bytes)    Borehole_Monitoring03.jpg (110350 bytes)

River bio-monitoring, at Sebenza, Tembisa and Westonaria vicinity:

Sebenza01.jpg (89638 bytes)    Tembisa_Biomonitoring.jpg (128817 bytes)    Leeuspruit_Biomonitoring.jpg (132598 bytes)

The remains of the Lancaster Dam in the Upper Wonderfonteinspruit. The siltation is due to gold mining related tailings being washed into the stream over many decades:

UWFS_LancasterDam.jpg (118637 bytes)

3D Modelling and Flood Line determination:

3DModelling.jpg (53812 bytes)

Investigations into the rehabilitation of shallowly undermined areas:

ShallowUnderminedRehab.jpg (118500 bytes)